GTEx V8 Model Release

2019-12-11 PredictDB Team
𝕎e have recently published a new set of prediction models trained on GTEx v8 data (as part of efforts detailed in this preprint. We have overhauled the model construction, incorporating posterior inclusion probabilities and global patterns of tissue sharing, while also benefiting from larger sample … Read more →

Database release: GTEx V7 Models available

2018-01-08 PredictDB Team
𝕎e are releasing prediction models trained on GTEx Version 7 data. Download fromhere. We have updated our processing pipeline, and restricted to individuals of European ancestry to obtain more reliable LD data. This reduces false positive associations in the Summary Version of PrediXcan. Because of … Read more →

Database update: prediction models using 1KG SNP set

2016-11-16 PredictDB Team
𝕋oday we are updating the tissue-wide prediction models trained from GTEx data which use 1000 Genomes SNPs. There are two main differences: […] The snp covariance files we had provided previously were built using a reference dataset with 1000 genomes data. Now the covariance data is based off … Read more →