GTEx v6 Expression models

2016-11-16 PredictDB Team
𝔼xpression prediction models with LD reference data are available in this Zenodo repository. […] Additional support information and details are available in the Zenodo repository. Please check this link, about the GTEx v7 models, for a few caveats found in GTEx v6 models. Acknowledging these … Read more →

Database release: prediction models using HapMap SNP set

2016-09-08 PredictDB Team
𝔸fter numerous requests, we have now made our prediction models using HapMap SNPs available. These are models trained on GTEx’s V6p data, but filtered to include HapMap SNPs only. These may prove beneficial to your analysis if you are working with older data or if you are having to impute much … Read more →

HapMap/GTEx v6p models coming soon

2016-08-30 PredictDB Team
𝕎e are happy to announce the release of new and improved Transcriptome Prediction Models, based off GTEx expression data trained on 1000 Genomes. The models (and associated covariance matrices) can be downloaded from PredictDB Data Repository. A more comprehensive explanation of the model changes is … Read more →